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Ash Wednesday: March 1, 2017, the First Day of Lent


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In a bizarre interview last week, John Podesta brought up Sandy Hook as a shortcut way of claiming that anyone who denies what the media reported about Sandy Hook Elementary School was somehow beyond the pale.  It piqued my interest, because the fact that John Podesta is even still thinking about Sandy Hook and trying to get people to believe that claiming Sandy Hook was a hoax is “fake news” just goes to show how panicked they are about the current awakening that is going on here on Planet Earth.

By the time that an incident occurred in Newtown, Connecticut on December 14, 2012, I had already thoroughly researched government and media deception as they related to the JFK Assassination and the events of 9/11/01.  So when I saw anomalous, nonsensical news coverage and witness interviews and then did some Internet research,  it was no surprise to me that many researchers were saying that the official story of Sandy Hook was a lie.  However, I am familiar with the phenomenon of people having a knee-jerk reaction to the whole concept of Sandy Hook being a hoax, who see that idea as somehow inherently evil or disrespectful.  It’s obvious that anyone with this reaction has not done even a modicum of independent research, because I have found almost no evidence that any actual homicides occurred in Newtown, Connecticut on 12/14/12.

If you don’t understand how hoaxes like this are perpetrated or don’t think it is possible, then you have probably never been a part of a radical Leftist group or a serious mind control organization. I have been and will detail those experiences in  later blogs.  Anything goes with those people, and they have tried and true ways of guaranteeing loyalty, obedience, and silence (as exemplified in the following video: “SHOCKING: Sandy Hook CHILD ABUSE During Fox News Interview”)

The term “conspiracy theorist” is casually tossed at anyone who questions the Fakestream Media’s account of the tragedy at Sandy Hook.  The actual conspiracy theorists are those who believe that children died there.  There is no footage of Adam Lanza approaching or inside the school, the video footage of the entire parking lot shows no children exiting at the times that the police report claimed the children were exiting, the death certificates were never made public, and on and on and on.  The video link below “We Need To Talk About Sandy Hook” explains all of this lack of evidence in detail, so I am not going to go into all of it here.

I was of the same mentality as those knee-jerk reaction people who refuse to even examine the concept of Sandy Hook as a media/government hoax back when I first was forced to confront the truth about 9/11/01.  In a future 2017 Lenten blog, I will go into that journey in more detail.  “September Clues” kept showing up as a suggested program on Netflix, because my daughter and I watched many other government narrative 9/11/01 documentaries.  When I read the Netflix description of “September Clues” and saw that it was questioning the idea of the entire USA government and military being fooled and taken down by 19 hijackers, I absolutely refused to watch it.   Subconsciously, I must have feared the implications to my worldview if this idea proved to have any merit.  At some point, citizens have to take the step into the light of truth where they realize that they have been horribly deceived, that American citizens have been cheated out of their birthright. It’s hard to take that first step.

I chose Sandy Hook as the First Day of the Forty Days of Truth, because it is one of the more recent major events that most people able to read this now would remember and have lived through.  It’s harder to accept those events.  It’s easier to research the JFK assassination, if you weren’t alive then and didn’t experience the deception personally.  If you would rather start with JFK, if the whole idea of Sandy Hook being a hoax is so abhorrent to you that you can’t even objectively investigate the claims of the video linked below, then I recommend going back to investigate JFK first.  James Fetzer is a good general intro to JFK or the book JFK and the Unspeakable by James W. Douglass.  I will make a future blog about the JFK lie, for those who can’t handle more recent truth.

If for whatever reason, you are reading this obscure blog and haven’t seen this video “We Need To Talk About Sandy Hook” and you aren’t afraid of an honest examination of facts, then I recommend watching the documentary in its entirety.  I already concluded years ago that it was highly unlikely that anyone died at Sandy Hook, since there was no hard evidence that a crime occurred.  Being momentarily duped by Geraldo Rivera and Fox News that children did die, is what finally inspired me to cut the cord from satellite TV.  Life has been much better and healthier since then.

The real crime that occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary School is that a massive deception was perpetrated on the American people.  Our emotions and goodwill were manipulated and exploited for a political agenda.  Journalists and citizen investigators trying to get public information were blocked at every turn.  Although some legislation was passed and some money stolen in the name of charity, I do believe the deception failed in its ultimate agenda.  There were too many people asking questions and looking for that pesky thing called “hard evidence”.  I do believe they underestimated the number of people living outside the Matrix.  The numbers have grown enormously since then.

You are welcome to continue living within the MATRIX created by the shadow government and by mainstream media.  But just know that if you do that, you are the conspiracy theorist.  Your views have little basis in facts or objective reality.

We Need To Talk About Sandy Hook

–Mrs. Congeniality, citizen of the United States of America, 3/1/17.  My Lenten Sacrifice this year is to publish one blog post per day to  help inform others of truth I have discovered on my long journey through life.