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Late To Jumping On The Trump Train, But Made It On Before It Left For The Liberty Station!

I will be taking my children to the local March For Trump this Saturday, March 4, 2017, as part of the nationwide show of support for the leader of the Free World, Donald J. Trump. I did not vote for President Trump, yet I now wholeheartedly support him. My observations of personal testimonies and poll numbers indicate that there are many in my position. It is obvious from poll numbers such as the Rasmussen poll, that President Trump’s support is growing.

Here is the link to the locations of the local  marches. I encourage you to attend if it all humanly possible. This is a critical time in our history, and our wonderful and brave President deserves our support:


If you voted for President Trump and/or supported him throughout his campaign, it’s probably harder for you to understand how or why the phenomenon of non-voters, third party voters, and reluctant voters jumping on the Trump Train occurred.  I have observed three main categories of new Trump Train Riders.   I am not including enthusiastic Trump supporters who happily voted for him in these categories. I do admire those people for catching on to the truth much more quickly than I did. I believe that newly converted Trump supporters fall into three categories:

Category One: Formers Haters, Now Reluctant Supporters. 

Example–John Ekdahl:  In this public tweet, self-described former Trump hater John Ekdahl explains how the fakestream media is forcing him to support Trump. There are many people in the replies who agree with him. Then there are others who misunderstand him and think that he is somehow being overinfluenced by the media. That is not what he is saying at all. What he is saying is that he is an American, and when he sees the mainstream media trying to destroy our own president, he feels obligated to support Trump. Apparently he cares more about his country than he does about being trendy in the eyes of those who follow the Matrix Media like it was a God.


Category Two: Reluctant Trump voters who have grown to become enthusiastic supporters

Many in this category are Republicans who supported a different candidate in the primary, but who went along with the candidate chosen at the RNC convention. My example for this category is a friend of mine who is a Catholic mother of a large family.  She told me that she was almost going to write in Rick Santorum’s name for the November 2016 presidential election. In the week before the election, she decided to reluctantly vote for Donald Trump, because she knew he would be more sympathetic to pro-life issues than Hillary Clinton would be.  Then when President Trump immediately reinstated the “Mexico City” policy, thus stopping USA support of the international killing of unborn babies, she became firmly on Trump’s side. If she could go back now and vote again, she would vote for Trump proudly and enthusiastically.

Category Three: Non-voters or Third Party voters who have more closely examined President Trump’s positions and actions since he has become President and have become supporters 

The above are comments on a YouTube video by Lionel Nation, “Mainstream Media Alt-Left Anti-Trump Fake News: Fighting for Their Life Push Lie That Trump’s Insane”

In the third category I include many liberty-minded voters who long ago decided that both Democrats and Republicans were part of the same corrupt machine. I am part of this third category. When I look back at the presidential campaign, I am a little bit embarrassed that I spent very little time examining the issues or the platforms once I knew that the two main choices were Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. I just hardly took the election seriously at all and assumed Trump must have made some behind-the-scenes deal with HRC to help get her elected. I have barely watched mainstream news since 2012, but occasionally some information would break through. For example, my husband told me one day during the campaign that Trump said that Hillary and Obama founded ISIS. That almost got me to vote for him. I thought, “Maybe this guy really is antiestablishment?” But after having been burned so many times before with Republicans who claimed to be against the machine or claimed to be for Liberty, I just couldn’t quite bring myself to do it. It’s only been since after Trump was elected and the full weight of the establishment came against him, as well as observing his real actions and words, that I have seen that Trump surprisingly is the anti-establishment candidate. I apologize for not seeing this before the election, but I hope America can forgive me since I’ve been aware that we are living in a Prison Planet since at least 1990. I honestly had given up hope that any prominent figure would ever address some of the issues that Trump has addressed, such as Obama founding ISIS, Hillary selling our uranium, and America in general being sold out from under us to the highest bidder.




Noticeably absent are Hillary voters supporting the President. There may be a few, but I haven’t seen much evidence of it. There must be some, but they probably remain silent out of fear of the oppressive and horrible intimidation tactics of their cohorts, the Social Justice Warriors. Perhaps there is a silent fourth category of this type, but I don’t know how they could be detected.

I personally have no problem readjusting my views when new information is presented. Unfortunately a minority of citizens in this country refuse to re-examine their long held beliefs that are rooted in identity politics and Marxism. They refuse to judge Donald Trump based on his actions and his stated intent to help the ordinary American people.  I have come to realize that it is impossible to reason with these people, because they want our president to fail. I want our president to succeed in restoring freedom and power to the American people where it belongs and taking the power away from the global elite. I intend to do everything I can to help to restore our country to a Constitutional Republic. It has become painfully obvious that those who oppose President Trump based on cosmetic or thoughtcrime criteria, are Enemies of our Republic.

–Mrs. Congeniality, Citizen of the USA, 3/2/2017