Public photo from March 4 Trump Facebook group

I’ve seen some reports of clashes between pro-Trump Spirit of America supporters and anti-liberty SJWs at the nationwide March for Trump rallies that were held today.  My family was at the Grand Rapids, Michigan March for Trump, and there were no problems. The picture above shows you why. To enter the plaza where the rally was held, you had to cross a line of open carry militia members. My family was near the entrance for the hour leading up to the rally, and I only saw one SJW dare to cross the line and start screaming at us. One of the Grand Rapids policeman who was there came over and escorted him off the premises. We had a permit for the plaza. The policeman was riding around on his bicycle, while the Militia were standing there with their weapons. It was a bit comical with the non-intimidating, bike-riding policeman getting off his bike to escort the SJW back through the militia line, but it worked out fine. The militia and the policeman seemed to actually be working together to keep it peaceful. The policeman didn’t have to worry about standdown orders, tear gas, or riot gear. The citizens were giving him the permission and the support necessary to do his job.  With the militia there, it really only took one police man to do it. Quite an efficient use of public funds!

The main entrance. (Photo by Mrs. Congeniality)

Public photo from March 4 Trump Facebook group, Grand Rapids, Michigan 3/4/17

This event was entirely peaceful, with inspiring speakers, including veterans and a Trump-supporting teenager. We started with a prayer, the Pledge of Allegiance and singing the Star Spangled Banner together. I felt totally safe and happy having my children there.

This was the small group of protesters on the side where the militia was. Their cohorts were elsewhere. Not sure what that flag on the left is. (Photo from Facebook group)

As we were leaving to go to the parking ramp on the opposite side of the plaza on another street away from the entrance where the Militia was, I could hear the angry SJWs with their KKK chant. I was so happy that I had brought my children to the positive pro-America rally and that they did not have to be among the hateful, horrible people shouting mindlessly, “No Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA”. My son said he didn’t even hear them. I could only hear than faintly in the distance as we were leaving, and I only knew what they were saying because I had heard it so many times before. It’s so tedious and awful.

My family’s sign!

The chanters wouldn’t get anywhere near the actual March 4 Trump rally, because of course the open carry firearms probably freaked them out. So we were able to exercise free speech without the intolerant leftist bigots shouting at us.

It is clear that the Second Amendment is indeed essential to all of our other freedoms. I had not seen open carry so effectively put into action before. Grand Rapids Michigan does it right!

Public photo from Facebook group

Many patriotic flags could be seen, including Trump flags, Don’t Tread On Me flag, USMC flag, and many American flags held high and proud! (Photo by Mrs. Congeniality)

–Mrs. Congeniality, Michigan,USA, 3/4/17, Fourth Day of Lent