My Brother, Erik
In 1976 we moved from the rural Upper Peninsula town of Gladstone, Michigan to Grand Blanc, a fancy suburb of Flint. Not long after we moved, my brother Erik was carrying his BB gun around our subdivision. One of the neighbors called the police, and the police responded. Carrying around your BB gun would be a normal activity in the Upper Peninsula, so it was a harsh introduction to suburban life. Flash forward to when we moved to Vicksburg, Michigan, and in 1983 Erik was tied to a car by a local bully and dragged to his death. If only Erik had felt comfortable carrying his rifle to the party he attended, the bully would not have messed with him, and no violence would have occurred. Bullies like my brother’s killer love it when people are disarmed.

This was the last birthday Erik would celebrate on Earth thanks to the evil actions of a group of cowards. Sorry, Kalamazoo County Sherrif’s Department, your strategy of portraying Erik as an unarmed victim has failed, so I am going to do what I want…
Yesterday my children and I went to a very peaceful and civilized pro-America march in Grand Rapids. Even though similar rallies have been interrupted and ruined by anti-free speech bullies and violent attacks by angry mobs shouting meaningless slogans, at this one order prevailed, largely due to the presence of the MLM Michigan Liberty Militia. I rarely discuss politics of any kind on Facebook anymore. Part of the reason is that my whole motivation for originally using Facebook was to raise awareness for the cause of Justice For Erik Cross. I am fully aware that not everyone who supports that cause would agree with me in other areas. However, the situation in our country has gotten so out of hand, that I do not think I can continue to remain silent. If that means some people won’t support Justice For Erik anymore, then so be it. Since Kalamazoo County still hasn’t arrested anyone and since I get closer and closer each day to just leaving Facebook all together, I might as well speak freely.
Largely due to this:

Photo by Reagan Coleman
…the Grand Rapids rally was this:

Photo by Rob Raabe
…instead of this, like in Berkeley yesterday, where an elderly man in a Make America Great Again hat was pepper-sprayed by violent thugs among many other attacks by the anti-liberty crusaders:

Photo from “Berkeley Riot Explodes: Trump Supporters Beaten to Ground as Rally Turns Into Bloody Nightmare” by Kyle Becker http://ijr.com/2017/03/817178-berkeley-riot-explodes-trump-supporters-beaten-to-ground-as-rally-turns-into-bloody-nightmare/
I’ve already witnessed what happens when police are given stand-down orders during a riot. I personally witnessed it while walking to the computer lab as a student at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor in 1989. I watched student rioters smash store windows, flip over cars, and swing from traffic lights, while the police did nothing. The police stood in a line over against the wall of a building and did absolutely nothing. I am sure the police were following orders. As our experience in Erik’s unprosecuted murder has shown, the police may want to protect you; but the endless bureaucracy and politically correct red tape of the government agencies might prevent them from doing so.
I did not vote for President Trump. After the election I decided to support him, in the hopes that his presidency would be the first step toward restoring our Constitutional Republic. Yesterday I heard the angry “No KKK” chanters faintly in the distance as we were leaving our peaceful assembly to go to the parking garage. Fortunately my children did not have to hear their hatred. The opposition gathered in a different location and expressed their speech in a much different way than the civilized gathering that my children and I attended. This contrast between that venomous shouting and the veteran we had just heard talk about his experience as a soldier, the young millennial man named Benjamin who thoughtfully explained his decision to support Donald Trump, the prayers, the songs, the Star Spangled Banner, the Pledge of Allegiance, the proud display of many flags, all made me very glad I had exposed my children to the rally we chose and made me glad that I have decided to support the United States of America and President Trump, even though I did not vote for him. The opposition is also free to express their speech, but they are not free to attack others. One of the leaders of the Grand Rapids March For Trump, Audra Lemons, said this today:
“ First, I want to say, I’m sorry to anyone who felt uncomfortable that the militia was there. I want you guys to know, these guys where necessary. BECAUSE of them, our group was SAVED from a situation that could have been EXTREMELY bad. A group of 12, new black panther party, members, where stopped from entering the Calder Plaza yesterday, NOT by the GRPD, but by these men.The GRPD, did ASSIST in getting them to leave, but I want to make it CLEAR, it was the Militia that stopped the situation in the first place. I ask, that we look beyond the labels that have been wrongfully placed on the militia, and see the ACTUAL good they have, and will continue doing.”
I would love to live in a world where firearms are unnecessary. Those of you who have known me for a long time know that I used to be what people would term a “hippie”. When my dad and Erik would go hunting, my dad would jokingly say to me “We’re going to murder small animals,” because I was becoming a vegetarian. I was Politically Correct before PC existed, but my dad was having none of that nonsense. It wasn’t until I became more educated in American and World History that I began to understand the purpose of the Second Amendment. Evil tyrants exist. If they succeed in disarming the American people, then they will be free to implement whatever agenda they wish, just as they did in disarmed Stalinist Russia and disarmed Nazi Germany. Violent crime is more prevalent in areas where law-abiding citizens can’t easily own and carry firearms. If you don’t understand that statement, then get back to me after you have thoroughly researched the issues and can present a reasoned argument using facts. I have come to understand in recent weeks that using dialectic with people who insist on sticking to rhetoric is useless. Therefore I don’t intend to waste any more time doing it.
Erik owned and used firearms. After he was murdered and the media was getting pictures of him from my parents, the authorities told my mom not to use any of the ones of Erik with his guns. They must have thought that he would be more sympathetic as a victim if he was unarmed. No, Erik WAS a victim because he was unarmed.
–Mrs. Congeniality, Michigan, USA, 3/5/17, Fifth Day of Lent

Erik and my Dad with their friends on a hunting trip in the last year of Erik’s life