In 2012, the night before the presidential election I posted the YouTube video of The Who song “Won’t Get Fooled Again” with the statement: “No matter who wins the presidential election tomorrow, I will be shaking my head back and forth and singing the last line of this song “Meet the new boss,  same as the old boss.” I went to the polls the next day, because we had an important local election where they were trying to get some new blood into local politics. I could not in good conscience vote for either the Marxist fraud Obama or the RomneyCare RINO Romney. I ended up writing in Ron Paul’s name, because that is who I had ended up supporting in the primary after realizing that my first choice of Rick Santorum was a warmonger.  It was the 2012 primary process that woke me up to the hypocrisy of the Republican Party and to how they used the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence as props, not as actual philosophical foundations.

The reason I didn’t vote in the November 2016 presidential election is because I was so thoroughly disillusioned after 2012 that I thought the entire process was a scam. I pretty much thought that we were living on a prison planet,that our government was completely taken over by tyrants, and that there wasn’t much we could do about it. I assumed that the powers that be chose the president, and all voting was just a fraud.

It wasn’t until after Donald Trump won that I even looked seriously into what he was proposing. I started to become a supporter. However a small portion of my mind is still not fully on board, because I have been fooled so many times before.

When I first heard that Donald Trump was running against Hillary, I assumed that Hillary and Donald had made some kind of backroom deal to help ensure her election as president. I knew that so many Republicans were against  Trump, that I didn’t see how he could win. I did not fully understand how his message of populism went across party lines and that Obama voters would vote for him as well. It looks like Donald Trump really did want to be president.

F. William  Engdahl still thinks that “Trump is a project”. He thinks that President Trump is a deep deception, controlled by Henry Kissinger, et. al., and that it is a move to appease the people with the appearance of populism. I am not totally discounting this theory. However some of Engdahl’s analysis in the YouTube video and sound cloud recording linked below seem a bit off to me. Engdahl asks what your gut tells you when you listen to Donald Trump. My gut tells me that Trump is sincere. I don’t know if he started out that way. Perhaps he did start out as a project, and then he went rogue. That would certainly explain the enormous opposition from the establishment that he is currently facing.

Are they just trying to prevent a serious revolutionary uprising by the common people? If that is what they’re trying to prevent, then Donald Trump is succeeding. However, people are going to need some real results soon if the powers that be expect all the awakening masses to remain complacent.

If they are just trying to divide the common people, then they are also succeeding in that. Right after the inauguration I try to find common ground with leftists. I try to explain how and why it was that even though I didn’t vote for Trump, I was now supporting him. I tried to see if we could find common ground on issues such as rescinding the Patriot Act,  rescinding the part of the 2012 NDAA that calls for indefinite detention of citizens, abolishing the CIA, abolishing the Department of Education, etc. Most leftists are not in any way interested in common ground. They just want to whine and complain about Donald Trump, and so many of their complaints are either cosmetic or not based in fact. Therefore, it’s very hard to take them seriously. It was only about two weeks ago  that I just decided to stop trying to find common ground. It’s a waste of time. I can spend time educating myself and my children on the principles of Liberty. Then if people ever decide to come around and reclaim our Constitutional Republic, I’ll be available for support. Until then, Adios!