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A Noble Lie

It’s been a while since I studied the 1995 bombing of Oklahoma City, but I am familiar with the very credible idea that the bombing of Oklahoma City being pinned on a so-called “militia” member was a calculated strategy to divert and defuse the growing outraged Patriot movement that arose after the government-caused atrocities at Ruby Ridge and Waco.

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I heard the filmmakers of “A Noble Lie” give an interview years ago when this film first came out.  There are a number of anomalies and downright suspicious activities that certainly cast doubt on the official government story of what happened on 4/19/1995 in Oklahoma City.  That is no surprise.  The deception in the United States government is so deep.  Fortunately, we have brave filmmakers who are willing to specialize on one lie at a time.  I recently purchased this film, but it looks like you can also watch it on YouTube.