Matrix Has You

I lived in Arizona when The Matrix film first came out in theaters.  I didn’t see it at that time, but I remember riding my bicycle past the theater many times wondering what the movie was about and why it was staying in the theater for so long.  I didn’t see it until around 2002 when my husband recommended it and bought the DVD.  If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it.


The parallels to today’s society are undeniable.  Only within the past month or so have I almost completely stopped watching mainstream news or modern television comedies and drams. I watch the Jeopardy game show, Survivor, and DVDs of past seasons of Murder She Wrote.  I haven’t seen a movie in the theater since the last Star Wars film.  I had been keeping up with news at least here and there, but it is a vast improvement now that I studiously refuse to watch it.  We haven’t had satellite or cable for over four years, so it might not seem like a huge change to those who are plugged into those media forms for me to even further cut back on antenna TV. This is the most unplugged I have been since the nineties, when I didn’t own a television.  If it weren’t for my husband being in the house, I would sell all our new televisions, and perhaps keep one old one to watch DVDs.

I notice quite clearly that there is one reality for those who follow closely the mainstream media and culture and a much different one for those who do not or who follow it in an objective, not immersive, way.  My desire is to get even more detached from the Mainstream Media Fake News Matrix.  This summer I am not teaching and my graduate classes will be over. I will keep the TV and computer off and perhaps keep my cell phone in the car for emergencies.  I am done hearing seven thousand opinions on everything.  I have heard what I need to hear in terms of current events.  It’s time to go back and learn skills and review the wisdom of the ancients.