When I posted the above photo of a portion of the law of the USA on FakeBook, a lady commented under it that instead of posting “inflammatory memes” I should educate myself on blah, blah, blah [insert SJW talking point here].  She ended with a Bible verse from Matthew that I didn’t bother to look up before deleting her comment and blocking her.  She used to be married to our Methodist pastor before they got divorced.  Now apparently she is an angry old lady who feels it necessary to go around lecturing people.  Does Facebook have any use?  There are a few signs of life that keep me from abandoning it entirely, and I did meet some local patriots through a group on Facebook.  Most of the time it seems to be more trouble than it is worth.  The so-called silent majority is still silent.  If I post something like the above photo, mostly I just get abuse from so-called friends and relatives.  Apparently everyone else just doesn’t care or doesn’t feel like saying anything.

Here’s the comment on the above photo: