Enemies Foreign and Domestic


I started reading the book Enemies Foreign and Domestic by Matt Bracken right after the November election.  I was reading the second book in the trilogy, Domestic Enemies: The Reconquista  around the time of Donald Trump’s inauguration.  Now I am reading the third book in the series, Foreign Enemies and Traitors.  I had heard of these books for years, mostly through FreeRepublic.com where Matt Bracken periodically posts.  I just never got around to reading them.  I highly recommend these books.  It’s basically a summary of the scenario we are trying to prevent, a future America where the fact that we are living in a prison camp becomes obvious to everyone, not just a select few and the traitors in the government make their alliances with foreign invaders official.  Keeping that scenario in mind helps when mindless government minions like your aunt and your pastor’s wife are trying to tug at your heart strings or accuse you of not being loving enough, because you don’t want to open the borders to whoever feel like coming here.

We are the last bastion of freedom.  We are hanging on by a thread.  We are being assaulted from all sides, but they haven’t been as blatant as in other countries.  They have managed to pacify patriots with the Trump presidency, but it can’t last forever.  It would be nice if we can stave off societal collapse, but is that even still possible?  I do believe there are greater forces at work.  Otherwise, there would be no hope.  When I spoke with Judyth Vary Baker on a call-in radio show once years ago, her advice was to keep speaking truth. Judyth was Lee Harvey Oswald’s mistress and knows what was happening with the cancer and vaccine research back then, as well as the obvious fact that Oswald was a patsy.  I will keep speaking truth and preparing my family.

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