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The second book of Matt Bracken’s Enemies Foreign and Domestic trilogy is called Domestic Enemies: The Reconquista. This is probably the darkest book of the trilogy, similar to The Empire Strikes Back in the Star Wars trilogy. Things look very bleak for our heroine Ranya, especially at the beginning.
I used to be more worried or paranoid about speaking plainly about my experience, partly because I used to be a public school teacher. I know that government workers are routinely punished, either blatantly or subtly, for exercising free speech.  I currently work only part time and for a private company, because my husband is the main breadwinner. It is always in my mind that I might need to go back to work full-time at some point. However, my risk is small compared to many people’s, and I don’t feel it is even relevant anymore. If our country goes down the tubes, who cares if I can get a job or not? Last summer I stayed in a tent with my five children for several nights. It was difficult, but certainly not impossible. There are other ways to survive if our current way of life becomes impossible for whatever reason. So certainly I can put my teaching career on the line if necessary. Too many people are afraid to speak out these days.

This book in the trilogy is most focused on the invasion from the Southwest, specifically from Mexico. We have many Mexican illegal aliens here in Michigan, because of the fruit picking opportunities. As homeschoolers, our church required my children to be in the CCD class to receive first communion. Besides my three children that were enrolled in CCD, there is only one other white girl in all of the classes K-8.  Many of the children have problems with English as well, and the parents often do not speak English at all. For my one son, this turned out well, as he ended up answering all the questions since he was the only one able to answer them. This did a lot for his confidence. This gave them the experience of being the minority, which will be the reality in their future unless trends change in America. We are transferring to another church now, for reasons I believe I outlined in another blog post. However, many of these ideas expressed in Bracken’s book I have experienced firsthand, not only at this church which is gradually being taken over by Hispanics, but also when I used to teach at the Muslim school.

There were only two white children in the whole school:  My daughter and one other teacher’s daughter.  I would often visit my daughter during her lunch hour, because I taught in the high school and she was a first grader. During Ramadan, she was the only child in the whole lunch room who was eating lunch. The other children were all just sitting there but not eating because of the “fast”. I put fast in quotation marks because they only didn’t eat during the daylight hours. Several students told me how they would pig out during their before dawn breakfast, and they were way too full to eat during the day anyway. But perhaps some Muslims do take this fast seriously, just not my students.

I know racism is real, because I experienced it as a white teacher at the school from the Muslim students and parents. It is subtle, as many black people try to explain to us. For example the parents would cut in front of me in line at a potluck as if I wasn’t even there. Little things like that may seem small, but would solidify my status as a non-person. I will try to make another post with more details about the pro-suicide-bombing comments, the anti-American comments, the trying to learn how to make a nuclear bomb comments, the pro-bin-Laden comments, the “boys” from Yemen with beards who the other students told me were using false names, and so on. I heard so many things there.  I can’t even get into them now,  but I  would like to record them at some point.

We need to stop all immigration to the USA until we get our situation under control. We can’t even take care of the people that live here already. It just needs to stop, period.

Here’s the link to my review of Bracken’s second book in the trilogy: