Note regarding above picture: They had to replace the windshield because it alone proves that shots came from the front.  There are eyewitnesses that testify that the windshield shot pattern showed the bullet came from the front of the windshield.   The Book Depository was behind the president’s limousine, so the lone shooter Oswald theory is instantly shattered to smithereens.  It’s all explained here:  https://www.lewrockwell.com/2012/06/douglas-p-horne/photographic-evidence-of-bullet-hole-in-jfk-limousine-windshield-hiding-in-plain-sight/ What more do you need to know?  Everything else is frosting on the cake.

I was shocked in 2011 when watching the miniseries The Kennedys when it ended with the old lie about Oswald being the lone assassin.  I honestly didn’t realize that mainstream America was still buying that lie.  The last thing I had seen on TV was the History Channel series The Men Who Killed Kennedy, which aired in 2003.  This History Channel series had many credible theories, including all of the solid ones that link the killing of  JFK to LBJ.  I started looking into it again after watching the ridiculous ending of The Kennedys miniseries.  I found out that LBJ’s family sued the History Channel and that this LBJ episodes were taken out of the version that The History Channel sold on its website.  You can still view them on YouTube.  It was interesting to me that from a cultural standpoint we had gone backwards in truth revelation between the years 2003 and 2011.

There is so much evidence that the government version of the events as detailed in the Warren Report is a complete fabrication, that it is just tedious to go through.  You can pick any one of these pieces and prove the government is lying.  One piece unravels the whole lie, and there are thousands to choose from. People who cling to the Oswald assassin version either want to live in a fairytale world, or have some agenda or benefit in some way by perpetuating the government lie.  It’s not even an open question in my mind, which is why I was shocked by the miniseries nonsense.  Actually, watching that is what got me back into researching JFK again, which led to 911 Truth and elsewhere.  So the fact that the media is just so blatantly lying these days does make it a lot easier to see things clearly and to know what to ignore.

E. Howard Hunt’s deathbed confession.  https://www.maryferrell.org/pages/Confession_of_Howard_Hunt.html