If we doubt the official government story about what happened in New York City on 9/11/01, we don’t have to explain every detail about what actually happened.  We can’t know the actual story, because we are being purposely deceived.  It is enough that thousands of questions have been raised and never answered, and that the official story is full of holes.  There is a lot of infighting among the 911 Truth community last I checked.  That seems pointless.

I resisted questioning the official story and didn’t accept that it was a huge lie until around 2011 or 2012.  I wouldn’t even watch or read anything that questioned the Bush narrative. I must have intuitively known that it would be too disturbing, although I told myself it was because it was unpatriotic to question or some such nonsense.  It’s hard to even remember what I was thinking back then.  I first watched September Clues on Netflix, which left me in extreme doubt about the lie I had been fed, which had led in 2001 to personal trauma and depression:

Then I read several books by David Ray Griffin, which left no doubt in my mind that any thinking person could not accept the government fairy tale.  I even got my husband to read one of Griffin’s books.  He said if this were true, then we were really in trouble, if our own government was against us.  Yes, that pretty much sums it up:

david ray griffin.jpg


There’s a pretty good summary here of why the official story is a bunch of nonsense:


Once again, I have no interest in convincing anyone.  If someone is still a part of the Matrix, then they won’t look at the facts.  If you look at the facts, you can’t go back.  Then you see our entire society is based on a lie.  You have to go on from there. Millions have.