Some people think Donald Trump is the Patriot who will save America.  Others think he is a puppet put in place with a script to appease Patriots.  After careful consideration, I believe he is a combination of these things.  It seems clear that if he were put into office to be controlled, he has gone off script.  He seems to be following a mixed agenda.  I don’t buy those who say that when he does an illogical action like supporting Paul Ryan’s ridiculous health care bill, that he has some kind of master plan in mind.  Let’s be honest. Things like that just make him look confused, and don’t follow the ideas he laid out during the campaign.  We don’t have to pretend that he is perfect to believe that he can be a first step toward restoring our Republic.

He doesn’t do a convincing job when pretending to be a NeoCon.  If he were really a stooge like Obama, he would just openly implement the New World Order using the usual Republican method of talking about Liberty while simultaneously taking Liberty systematically away.  He wouldn’t be angering people like McCain and Schumer by occasionally doing something to help the American People, like creating jobs, cutting taxes, and eliminating regulations.

The only other presidents in recent memory to have gone off script were Ronald Reagan and John F. Kennedy.  They got JFK under control by killing him and Reagan under control by almost killing him.  I don’t pretend to know the whole story that is going on in Washington.  It clearly is not going according to the globalists’ plan.  George Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama made clear and decisive strides toward implementing a police state with full governmental tyrannical control and no privacy.  Trump is the first President since Reagan to challenge that tyranny in any way.