Ron Paul Gold

Reading Ron Paul’s book Liberty Defined in 2012 is what opened my eyes to what was wrong with the modern Republican party and what was meant by the term NeoCon.  A person that found me on one of the Ron Paul forums sent me the book along with a gold coin with Ron Paul’s face on it.  He wanted to encourage me to educate my children in the true principles of liberty. This gift was a true kindness and personal action for liberty that is rare today.

Ron Paul is currently quite critical of Donald Trump.  He has said a few positive things about him, but for the most part he notes that the status quo of war hasn’t changed much.  Also, he believes a financial collapse is inevitable. Ron Paul is a purist.  Some say he is also a form of controlled opposition.  Who knows what goes on behind the scenes?  I did appreciate that he never endorsed Mitt Romney in 2012.  He won’t play the games that others play.  I definitely appreciate his contributions to the Liberty movement.


Ron Paul War