I’ve never been in favor of abortion, even though I have been horribly mistaken and misinformed on many other issues. I think it is because the first time I ever heard of abortion was when my good friend in high school told me the story of how her mother as a sixteen-year-old pregnant teen had an appointment for an abortion.  Her mother did not show up for the appointment, so then my friend was born. It seemed clear that it would be a bad thing if this lovely young woman had been killed that day.  Her parents ended up getting married and went on to have two more children.

When I lived in Montana, I was a radical member of the Earth First! environmental activist group.  My friends were all what would be termed hippies.  One day in the early 1990s we were driving from the Jerry Johnson Hot Springs in Idaho back to Missoula.  The Highway between Lolo and Missoula was lined with people carrying signs like the one above.  Most of the signs said “Abortion Kills Children.”  I said to my friends in our van, “Yes, that’s true.” They started freaking out and yelling at me, but none of them could disprove the statement.  I now know that this must have been the Life Chain that happens every October.  I have participated myself, now that I am more formally a part of the Pro-Life movement.  At the time I didn’t understand why people who loved nature, like my friends in the van, would be in favor of killing baby humans.

My daughter and I went to see the movie October Baby when it came out in theaters.  I thought this movie had the right idea, because it was all about forgiveness.  My understanding is that many of the people who support abortion do so out of guilt.  This makes sense.  Abortion is clearly the taking of a human life.  It is just ignorance to claim otherwise.  I understand not wanting to admit mistakes or sins.  But pretending that killing your own child is not a bad thing is serious denial.  Confessing this grave sin is the first step toward healing.  We are all sinners.  Fortunately there is a path toward healing and forgiveness through our Lord, Jesus Christ.

October Baby