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Years ago I watched a documentary about the smoke-filled room study.  In the study, a group is filling out forms in a waiting room.  One of the people in the group is the subject of the study.  The rest of the group are actors.  Smoke starts pouring out from under a closed door.  The actors all ignore the smoke.  When the subject first notices the smoke, he looks around to judge the reactions of others. When the others either don’t react or act like it is no big deal when asked, nine out of ten of the subjects will stay in the room as more and more smoke fills it.  Only one out of ten will break the conformity and leave the room to go find help, or take some other action to try to solve the problem.  Most just sit there and do nothing.  The obvious correlation here is that most humans will conform to the group mind, even when it goes against their own instincts for self-preservation.

I am most definitely one of the 10% who wouldn’t just sit there and who would leave the room or investigate the source of the smoke.  If you are in the ten percent, you know it.  Your whole life has been spent not understanding why the people around you do such ridiculous things to fit in or care so much about what others think.  You probably also know that the world is a completely bizarre place filled with deception, and most people either don’t realize this or don’t care.  You probably don’t fit in well with most groups.

There is something psychologically and perhaps physically different about that 90%. Even though the actors in the study are trained not to react or respond to the 10% in this study, I have noticed in the real world it is a bit different.  Somehow those 90% know that there is something up with the ten percent.  At least some of them seem to.  Some react in anger, some in fear, and some with respect. They might try to copy  what you do if you are in the 10%.  If they are in a position of authority, they might even try to explain some concept that sounds bizarre to you.  It makes it obvious that they decide what to do by studying and imitating others, not by inherent motivation.  For example, they talk about firm handshakes as if that is something to be studied and done to show confidence, as opposed to just giving a firm handshake because you act instinctively as a human being.

The 90% seem a bit sociopathic to us.  Some are, to one degree or another.  I can’t believe they are all sociopaths though.  They must have some kind of inner instinct or drive.  Perhaps they just ignore it.  I used to spend a lot of time trying to convince people about the urgency of various causes to improve our world, etc.  I gave that up for the most part.  I made an agreement with God to do these forty blog posts for Lent, but then I will likely go back to letting the smoke-filled room people enjoy the smoke if that is indeed their desire.  The psychopathic elite think a population culling is in order.  Apparently the 90% are in agreement with this plan, since there is very little vocal opposition to any of the current physical and psychological poisoning of our world.  Apparently it’s more important to keep up with the basketball scores, the private lives of “celebrities”, the latest SJW vocabulary restrictions, or other similar nonsense.