Since our government is now telling us they are bombing Syria to save the children from an evil dictator, it seems like an appropriate time to go back and review one of the times in history when our own government killed children for no good reason. Bill Clinton is still alive. He can be prosecuted for war crimes. As the 40 Days for Truth come to a close, it’s clear that the promise of President Trump is an empty promise. He’s not going to bring about real change. His campaign promise of America First was a lie. He’s putting time, energy and millions of dollars into bombing another country for no good reason. Nothing has changed. Apparently he’s not going to arrest Hillary Clinton,  Bill Clinton, Barack Hussein Obama, George W. Bush, George H. W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld or any of the other war criminals currently roaming free in the USA. Janet Reno is dead, so she’s presumedly already in Hell. At least she saved some taxpayer money on that one.

The government premise for the catastrophe at Waco on April 19, 1993, was seizing “illegal weapons”. We have a Second Amendment to the Constitution, so to begin with that was nonsense. Then to kill 82 people, including 25 children, in pursuit of this illegal siege was further ridiculousness. I don’t care what you think about Koresh or his beliefs. The government did not need to kill those innocent people.

What in the name of God is going on in the USA? I thought I had found some sane Patriots in our local pro-Trump group. But I was wrong. I thought they stood for something beyond just blindly following a man who claimed to be for Liberty, a.k.a. Donald Trump. When that man starts abandoning his America First promise, Patriots should abandon him as well.  In our local group, only four people besides me are even questioning this bombing of Syria. So once again I’m virtually on my own. That’s fine. That’s how it’s been for decades.

Apparently most people have taken some kind a vaccination against truth. There are facts readily available to show that our government is completely corrupt and has been for decades. And yet few people seem to want to hold them accountable. In my smoke-filled room post, I pointed out how psychological studies show that only ten  percent of people will raise a fuss in a smoke-filled room if everyone else is ignoring the obvious. The smoke currently filling our world is invisible, more like carbon monoxide then smoke from a wood fire. So apparently ten percent is too high of a number for an analogy of the current world situation. Even though the effects are obvious, the poisoning is still denied. Even though even a tiny amount of investigation will easily find the source of the carbon monoxide, we are still going to pretend that we live in a free country and that the US Constitution is still in effect.  I’m just done. Let me know when people are interested in facing reality again. Meanwhile I suppose I have to let them continue in their dream. We don’t have a leader. We aren’t organized. We’re just a small sprinkling of people here and there who has somehow gotten out of The Matrix. I do know there are a few of you out there, so that does give me a tiny bit of comfort. God Help Us.