Forty Days for Truth, Day 31: Abortion


I’ve never been in favor of abortion, even though I have been horribly mistaken and misinformed on many other issues. I think it is because the first time I ever heard of abortion was when my good friend in high school told me the story of how her mother as a sixteen-year-old pregnant teen had an appointment for an abortion.  Her mother did not show up for the appointment, so then my friend was born. It seemed clear that it would be a bad thing if this lovely young woman had been killed that day.  Her parents ended up getting married and went on to have two more children.

When I lived in Montana, I was a radical member of the Earth First! environmental activist group.  My friends were all what would be termed hippies.  One day in the early 1990s we were driving from the Jerry Johnson Hot Springs in Idaho back to Missoula.  The Highway between Lolo and Missoula was lined with people carrying signs like the one above.  Most of the signs said “Abortion Kills Children.”  I said to my friends in our van, “Yes, that’s true.” They started freaking out and yelling at me, but none of them could disprove the statement.  I now know that this must have been the Life Chain that happens every October.  I have participated myself, now that I am more formally a part of the Pro-Life movement.  At the time I didn’t understand why people who loved nature, like my friends in the van, would be in favor of killing baby humans.

My daughter and I went to see the movie October Baby when it came out in theaters.  I thought this movie had the right idea, because it was all about forgiveness.  My understanding is that many of the people who support abortion do so out of guilt.  This makes sense.  Abortion is clearly the taking of a human life.  It is just ignorance to claim otherwise.  I understand not wanting to admit mistakes or sins.  But pretending that killing your own child is not a bad thing is serious denial.  Confessing this grave sin is the first step toward healing.  We are all sinners.  Fortunately there is a path toward healing and forgiveness through our Lord, Jesus Christ.

October Baby




Forty Days For Truth, Day 30: Ron Paul



Ron Paul Gold

Reading Ron Paul’s book Liberty Defined in 2012 is what opened my eyes to what was wrong with the modern Republican party and what was meant by the term NeoCon.  A person that found me on one of the Ron Paul forums sent me the book along with a gold coin with Ron Paul’s face on it.  He wanted to encourage me to educate my children in the true principles of liberty. This gift was a true kindness and personal action for liberty that is rare today.

Ron Paul is currently quite critical of Donald Trump.  He has said a few positive things about him, but for the most part he notes that the status quo of war hasn’t changed much.  Also, he believes a financial collapse is inevitable. Ron Paul is a purist.  Some say he is also a form of controlled opposition.  Who knows what goes on behind the scenes?  I did appreciate that he never endorsed Mitt Romney in 2012.  He won’t play the games that others play.  I definitely appreciate his contributions to the Liberty movement.


Ron Paul War

Forty Days for Truth, Day 29: Donald Trump is Off Script


Some people think Donald Trump is the Patriot who will save America.  Others think he is a puppet put in place with a script to appease Patriots.  After careful consideration, I believe he is a combination of these things.  It seems clear that if he were put into office to be controlled, he has gone off script.  He seems to be following a mixed agenda.  I don’t buy those who say that when he does an illogical action like supporting Paul Ryan’s ridiculous health care bill, that he has some kind of master plan in mind.  Let’s be honest. Things like that just make him look confused, and don’t follow the ideas he laid out during the campaign.  We don’t have to pretend that he is perfect to believe that he can be a first step toward restoring our Republic.

He doesn’t do a convincing job when pretending to be a NeoCon.  If he were really a stooge like Obama, he would just openly implement the New World Order using the usual Republican method of talking about Liberty while simultaneously taking Liberty systematically away.  He wouldn’t be angering people like McCain and Schumer by occasionally doing something to help the American People, like creating jobs, cutting taxes, and eliminating regulations.

The only other presidents in recent memory to have gone off script were Ronald Reagan and John F. Kennedy.  They got JFK under control by killing him and Reagan under control by almost killing him.  I don’t pretend to know the whole story that is going on in Washington.  It clearly is not going according to the globalists’ plan.  George Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama made clear and decisive strides toward implementing a police state with full governmental tyrannical control and no privacy.  Trump is the first President since Reagan to challenge that tyranny in any way.


Forty Days for Truth, Day 28: The Truth About 9/11/01




If we doubt the official government story about what happened in New York City on 9/11/01, we don’t have to explain every detail about what actually happened.  We can’t know the actual story, because we are being purposely deceived.  It is enough that thousands of questions have been raised and never answered, and that the official story is full of holes.  There is a lot of infighting among the 911 Truth community last I checked.  That seems pointless.

I resisted questioning the official story and didn’t accept that it was a huge lie until around 2011 or 2012.  I wouldn’t even watch or read anything that questioned the Bush narrative. I must have intuitively known that it would be too disturbing, although I told myself it was because it was unpatriotic to question or some such nonsense.  It’s hard to even remember what I was thinking back then.  I first watched September Clues on Netflix, which left me in extreme doubt about the lie I had been fed, which had led in 2001 to personal trauma and depression:

Then I read several books by David Ray Griffin, which left no doubt in my mind that any thinking person could not accept the government fairy tale.  I even got my husband to read one of Griffin’s books.  He said if this were true, then we were really in trouble, if our own government was against us.  Yes, that pretty much sums it up:

david ray griffin.jpg

There’s a pretty good summary here of why the official story is a bunch of nonsense:

Once again, I have no interest in convincing anyone.  If someone is still a part of the Matrix, then they won’t look at the facts.  If you look at the facts, you can’t go back.  Then you see our entire society is based on a lie.  You have to go on from there. Millions have.


Forty Days for Truth, Day 27: JFK Assassination





Note regarding above picture: They had to replace the windshield because it alone proves that shots came from the front.  There are eyewitnesses that testify that the windshield shot pattern showed the bullet came from the front of the windshield.   The Book Depository was behind the president’s limousine, so the lone shooter Oswald theory is instantly shattered to smithereens.  It’s all explained here: What more do you need to know?  Everything else is frosting on the cake.

I was shocked in 2011 when watching the miniseries The Kennedys when it ended with the old lie about Oswald being the lone assassin.  I honestly didn’t realize that mainstream America was still buying that lie.  The last thing I had seen on TV was the History Channel series The Men Who Killed Kennedy, which aired in 2003.  This History Channel series had many credible theories, including all of the solid ones that link the killing of  JFK to LBJ.  I started looking into it again after watching the ridiculous ending of The Kennedys miniseries.  I found out that LBJ’s family sued the History Channel and that this LBJ episodes were taken out of the version that The History Channel sold on its website.  You can still view them on YouTube.  It was interesting to me that from a cultural standpoint we had gone backwards in truth revelation between the years 2003 and 2011.

There is so much evidence that the government version of the events as detailed in the Warren Report is a complete fabrication, that it is just tedious to go through.  You can pick any one of these pieces and prove the government is lying.  One piece unravels the whole lie, and there are thousands to choose from. People who cling to the Oswald assassin version either want to live in a fairytale world, or have some agenda or benefit in some way by perpetuating the government lie.  It’s not even an open question in my mind, which is why I was shocked by the miniseries nonsense.  Actually, watching that is what got me back into researching JFK again, which led to 911 Truth and elsewhere.  So the fact that the media is just so blatantly lying these days does make it a lot easier to see things clearly and to know what to ignore.

E. Howard Hunt’s deathbed confession.


Forty Days For Truth, Day 25: Review of “Foreign Enemies and Traitors: The Greater Depression and Civil War 2”


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Today I am linking to my review on of Matthew Bracken’s third book in his Enemies trilogy: Foreign Enemies and Traitors: The Greater Depression and Civil War 2.  These three books were over 60 great hours of listening. I hope to get print editions of these books and read them, perhaps over the summer.  Audible books are great, but sometimes details can be missed and  I prefer reading print versions overall.  I don’t have much time to read print books right now, since I am working, homeschooling my children, and taking two graduate classes. It should get better after I get my Masters degree at the end of April.

Forty Days for Truth, Day 24: The Reconquista


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The second book of Matt Bracken’s Enemies Foreign and Domestic trilogy is called Domestic Enemies: The Reconquista. This is probably the darkest book of the trilogy, similar to The Empire Strikes Back in the Star Wars trilogy. Things look very bleak for our heroine Ranya, especially at the beginning.
I used to be more worried or paranoid about speaking plainly about my experience, partly because I used to be a public school teacher. I know that government workers are routinely punished, either blatantly or subtly, for exercising free speech.  I currently work only part time and for a private company, because my husband is the main breadwinner. It is always in my mind that I might need to go back to work full-time at some point. However, my risk is small compared to many people’s, and I don’t feel it is even relevant anymore. If our country goes down the tubes, who cares if I can get a job or not? Last summer I stayed in a tent with my five children for several nights. It was difficult, but certainly not impossible. There are other ways to survive if our current way of life becomes impossible for whatever reason. So certainly I can put my teaching career on the line if necessary. Too many people are afraid to speak out these days.

This book in the trilogy is most focused on the invasion from the Southwest, specifically from Mexico. We have many Mexican illegal aliens here in Michigan, because of the fruit picking opportunities. As homeschoolers, our church required my children to be in the CCD class to receive first communion. Besides my three children that were enrolled in CCD, there is only one other white girl in all of the classes K-8.  Many of the children have problems with English as well, and the parents often do not speak English at all. For my one son, this turned out well, as he ended up answering all the questions since he was the only one able to answer them. This did a lot for his confidence. This gave them the experience of being the minority, which will be the reality in their future unless trends change in America. We are transferring to another church now, for reasons I believe I outlined in another blog post. However, many of these ideas expressed in Bracken’s book I have experienced firsthand, not only at this church which is gradually being taken over by Hispanics, but also when I used to teach at the Muslim school.

There were only two white children in the whole school:  My daughter and one other teacher’s daughter.  I would often visit my daughter during her lunch hour, because I taught in the high school and she was a first grader. During Ramadan, she was the only child in the whole lunch room who was eating lunch. The other children were all just sitting there but not eating because of the “fast”. I put fast in quotation marks because they only didn’t eat during the daylight hours. Several students told me how they would pig out during their before dawn breakfast, and they were way too full to eat during the day anyway. But perhaps some Muslims do take this fast seriously, just not my students.

I know racism is real, because I experienced it as a white teacher at the school from the Muslim students and parents. It is subtle, as many black people try to explain to us. For example the parents would cut in front of me in line at a potluck as if I wasn’t even there. Little things like that may seem small, but would solidify my status as a non-person. I will try to make another post with more details about the pro-suicide-bombing comments, the anti-American comments, the trying to learn how to make a nuclear bomb comments, the pro-bin-Laden comments, the “boys” from Yemen with beards who the other students told me were using false names, and so on. I heard so many things there.  I can’t even get into them now,  but I  would like to record them at some point.

We need to stop all immigration to the USA until we get our situation under control. We can’t even take care of the people that live here already. It just needs to stop, period.

Here’s the link to my review of Bracken’s second book in the trilogy:

Forty Days For Truth, Day 23: Book Review, Book 1 of Matt Bracken’s Trilogy



I just finished listening to the third audiobook of Matt Bracken’s Enemies Foreign and Domestic trilogy. It is so important for people to listen to or read this trilogy.  Many of the events in the book are clearly out of the Obama years, and it may have played out more horribly if Hillary had won. However, now that we are actually coming to terms with the legacy that the traitor communist Obama left, it is even more important to read these books. To give yourself more ammunition to stand firm against those who don’t understand why we have to hold the line against the foreign invasion taking place under the guise of illegal immigration and “refugees”, read this book. You will see our future if we do not take the proper steps of precaution now. Here is the link to my review:

Forty Days For Truth, Day 22: Gardening

Mary and Flowers.jpg

Yesterday my kids and I started some seeds indoors: watermelon, tomato, cucumbers, flowers, etc.  Later this week we will plant some peas outdoors.  Time to focus on the home and the garden, since my brief return to politics has made it clear that nothing has changed.  The political world is still full of deception and corruption.  Only a spiritual solution will work now.  Time to take care of the family and let the evil ones destroy themselves.